Experts in Emergency Services

MasterPro Services provides Fire, Water, and Disaster Damage Restoration Services.  We are available 24 hours/7 days a week on call and are ready to restore your home or commercial structure.

We have qualified professionals with certified training records on standby.

We specialize in restoring property to its original form, so you can rest comfortably knowing that all MasterPro franchises produce the same quality and undergo the same Master Training programs held at our Head site in Canton, GA. MasterPro’s industry best competencies in Project Management and Cost Efficiencies will ensure your emergency service is handled in the most efficient manner.

MasterPro is licensed, bonded, Insured, & Certified with IICRC



We understand that Fire damage is extremely devastating to our lives and that the cleanup can be very costly. MasterPro Services responds quickly to repair fire, smoke, and soot damage, including:

• Fire Damage Cleanup
• Smoke and Soot Damage Cleaning and Repair
• Restoring your home’s contents, keepsakes, and household belongings
• Eliminating Fire and Smoke Odor by Professional Deodorization
• Contents Storage of Household items

We are standing by 24/7 to aid you in your cleanup and help you to minimize your expenses.


Water damage is a sudden and unexpected disaster that can be very costly to clean up.
We have experts in water damage repair and extraction on standby. Our water damage restoration experts know how to minimize the health hazards that can occur while mitigating further property damage.

Water damage can result from a multitude of scenarios., So we have listed a few of the most common below:

• Flooding caused by severe Storms, weather, and Natural Disasters
• Sewage System – Backflow, Drainage, toilet overflow
• Piping leaks – Showers, dishwashers, water lines, Sinks, bathtubs
• Residential and Commercial Services

Smoke & Soot

Time is not on your side!!!!!

Smoke damage can permanently damage your household goods as well as your health. Removing smoke and soot damage as well as the odor from your home can be exhaustive and extremely pricey.

Our experts respond quickly to determine the extent of the damage and to begin the process of restoring your valuable possessions.

Respond quickly to your damage by giving MasterPro Services a call to protect your health and goods

• 24/7 Service: 1-855-460-1019
• Sanitization/Deodorization of your household goods
• Environmentally friendly removal application for smoke and soot
• Quality Certified Professional Service


Mold is a fungus that can cause respiratory problems and a variety of other health related issues.

Do you have questions about mold growth? Our certified mold removal experts can help. Our experts are certified in mold removal and air quality testing to ensure your environment is safe for you and your loved ones.

If left unattended, mold can spread quickly through your home and be very dangerous for your health. Our certified mold removal experts will restore you to a safe and healthy environment.

Give us a call. 1-855-460-1019

• Mold Inspection and Prevention
• Black Mold Remediation
• Residential and Commercial Services

Commercial Building Restoration Services

MasterPro Services Professionals are available 24 hours a day to get you back to normal operation.

Our expertise includes restoration services for fire, smoke, mold and water damage. We also provide air quality certification including Cleanroom Class 1000, 100, and 10 that may be needed after the restoration is complete.  Call one of our specialists today to find out more about our commercial restoration services.


Large Disaster Emergency Response

MasterPro Services Large Emergency Disaster Response Team utilizes regional supply chain and distribution channels as needed to respond quickly to major emergency restoration projects. Our Disaster Response Teams are composed of emergency trained personnel and large capacity equipment that are ready to mobilize onsite within 24hrs.

Why MasterPro Services is a better restoration service.

MasterPro Services takes pride in helping others get back to normal without the fear of cost overruns through our strengths in project management. Our competencies translate into major competitive advantages for Insurance and commercial needs.

Each MasterPro Franchise is involved in giving back to the communities that they serve. Our main focus is to get you back to normal as well as considering effects on the community. We employ safe and environmentally accepted practices that comply with State and Federal Regulations.

After all “We’ve got you covered.”