Quality Professionals in Commercial Applications
MasterPro Services provides quality professional service for a variety of commercial applications ranging from general commercial cleaning and industrial equipment cleaning including chemical spill cleanup. Our professionally trained staff maintain IICRC certification which is essential to our quality cleaning standard. MasterPro Service technicians are trained and experienced with OSHA and EPA regulations to ensure safe and environmentally friendly practices.

Cleaning Service

MasterPro Services provides a simple and efficient cleaning solution for your business needs with contract term pricing including large volume discounts on consumables. MasterPro utilizes the latest technologies in cleaning in order to provide the most efficient solution for your needs. MasterPro utilizes “green chemicals” as well as high efficiency floor machines, buffers, and HEPA filtered vacuums in order to maintain a clean quality environment.


Restoration Service

MasterPro Services specializes in large scale water extraction and structural drying. MasterPro offers 24 hour emergency response to help you mitigate the damage and restore your business back to operation. MasterPro offers the below services:

• Water Extraction & Structural Drying
• Blackwater Remediation
• Sewage Backup
• Certified Mold Remediation
• Fire, Smoke, and Odor Removal
• Emergency Roof Repair
• Ozone Treatments
• Water Damage Repair
• Vandalisim Repair


Large Disaster Emergency Response

Our Disaster Response Teams are composed of emergency trained personnel and large capacity equipment that are ready to mobilize onsite within 24hrs. Our technicians are certified in heavy equipment operation for quicker response times in an emergency scenario. Commercial scale dehumidification, scrubbing units, particle filtration, and ozone equipment are commissioned and ready for immediate use.


Industrial Services

MasterPro Service offers Industrial cleaning applications performed by chemically trained technicians. Services include chemical spill cleanup including hazardous chemicals and oils, industrial equipment cleaning, cleanroom cleaning, total deep clean for regulated and quality environments, particle count certification and air quality monitoring for regulatory permit requirements.

Why MasterPro Services is a better restoration service.

MasterPro Services takes pride in helping others get back to normal without the fear of cost overruns through our strengths in project management. Our competencies translate into major competitive advantages for Insurance and commercial needs.

Each MasterPro Franchise is involved in giving back to the communities that they serve. Our main focus is to get you back to normal as well as considering effects on the community. We employ safe and environmentally accepted practices that comply with State and Federal Regulations.

After all “We’ve got you covered.”